When you think about the fact that you keep dating these men that are no good,no ambition, no job, no car, sell drugs, in and out of jail, baby momma drama, disrespectful, unfaithful etc… You have to sit back and think why do i keep attracting these type of men? Well do you really want to know why? It’s because YOU don’t value you yourself, YOU don’t think you can do any better, YOU feel that a man with a 9-5 and or a career, owns a house, drives a nice car, take trips, respect woman, treats his mother with respect, no criminal record, pants not falling off rear end, no gold chains, white t-shirt blue jeans and Nikes etc. is to good for you and or your not good enough for him, The mere thought of being with someone of that caliber makes you feel inadequate , not worthy enough, and just simply out of place etc. Now am i right or am i RIGHT? Yea i know lol.

Ladies so it’s time we do better for ourselves so that we can feel good about who we are as a woman. In the most humble way as possible we are God’s Gift to men. So love yourselves, get to know your likes and dislikes and value who you are so that you will not continue to accept men in your lives that you feel is GOOD ENOUGH!